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  Accessory Product Part Number Description
1” Solenoid Valve 1” Solenoid Valve 400454 1” solenoid shut off valve will close during power outages,
lamp outages, and low UV level conditions (monitored system required)
1” Solenoid Valve Kit 1” Solenoid Valve Kit 400455 Solenoid valve kit includes valve, remote solenoid interface and
power cord.
Remote Solenoid Interface Remote Solenoid Interface 400429 Remote solenoid interface provides stable power supply to solenoid
as well as an override option during alarm conditions.

UV Sensor Probe

NSF UV Sensor Probe

UV Sensor Probe



One piece Teflon primary probe is resistant to leaks, while the secondary
quartz window allows for fast and easy cleaning of fouled sensors.
UVT100 UVT100 400294 Economical ultraviolet transmission meter useful for designing systems,
as well as sales demonstrations.

¾” Flow Regulator Body

1” Flow Regulator Body

Flow Regulator Body



Both ¾” and 1” stainless steel regulator bodies fit available inserts in a
variety of flow rates.


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