Proven, Affordable, Environmentally Friendly

The UVDynamics Competitive Edge

UVDynamics is the only UV Company that designs and manufactures the power sources and disinfection chambers used in the production of its disinfection systems. Innovation in UV water disinfection products all takes place in the UV power source. Our in-house UV power source design capability gives us an unequaled advantage.

Not only does this level of vertical integration result in a cost structure that enables the company to sell its products at prices which are competitive in the market but, more importantly, it enables us to closely integrate the design of all of the system components resulting in quality, full featured products which are inherently less costly to manufacture.

Nowhere is this more evident than in our UV power source components which use the same software source code across all the various product platforms we manufacture. Our software has been field proven in actual products for over fourteen years.

UVDynamics continues to invest in production automation equipment enabling us to produce quality products in North America at prices which are more than competitive with off-shore suppliers.